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I was tasked by my computing teacher to develop an application that will model and display the food timetable for the school canteen, I did this using MySQL, express.js, vue.js, docker and docker-compose.

While it hasn’t been used yet, I have presented it and my teacher was impressed with the versatility and finish of the application.

Use of Tools

node.js & express.js

I chose to use node on the backend due to my experience with the technology and so knowing it was reliable and easy to use, combined with the large support network and volume of libraries available. This is also why I chose to use express.js.

MySQL & sequelize.js

MySQL was used as the project was well suited to a relational database, but didn’t require something as heavy as postgres. Sequelize.js was used as being a dbms it sped up the development process and the ability to easily switch database types was appealing


Vue.js was used because it is a lightweight and versatile UI framework and furthermore I had existing experience with the technology. The use of Single File Components was very useful and helped with conformity to the DRY principle.

Docker and Docker Compose

Docker was used as the application was developed on multiple machines and docker made it much easier to set up development environments, and would make it easier to deploy the application at the end stage. Docker Compose also assisted in this as it allowed the database to be set up and linked with the application container


Bootstrap was used as style was not incredibly import and this allowed for a good looking front end and layout with minimal CSS work, and being such a popular style framework it could be easily restyled, furthermore there are many input libraries that fit with the bootstrap style and so these could be taken advantage of.


Gulp was essential in the development of the frontend, as it allowed the compilation of vue SFC and the compression of the code into one file as well as minimisation of this file for deployment.

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