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This weekend (16th-17th April 2016) I participated in the Ludum Dare Game Jam. This is a popular online Gam Jam where you have either 48 or 72 hours to create a game, hopefully based on the specified theme. 

The 48 hour version is the Compotition, you must work on your own and make all the assets as well as providing source code. The 72 hour version is the Jam and is easier and more relaxed as you have more time, you can work in teams and use external or previous assests. 

I went with the Compotition for a couple reasons:

  1. I wanted a challenge
  2. I didn't have time on the monday

The idea

This time around the theme was Shapeshifter. I decided to go with a rather unoriginial idea, but make it polished and complete as before my attempts had an interesting play on the theme but always ended up but incomplete or broken, plus I had less time due to schoolwork.

My idea was a game in which you could control multiple shapes. Each shape could move, jump scale and rotate. After some testing I decided to remove rotation as a) it was buggy and b) I couldn't think of a way to use it. 

Later on I decied to add an energy system, this meant that every action cost some energy, and without that energy you can't 'shapeshift'

Due to time issues I was only able to complete 3 levels and I am disappointed that I could not add more levels with more interesting uses. I am considering doing my first post mortem, although I will likely forget :D


I chose to use Unity as my engine. This is mostly because I have a lot of experience with it, but also because its' 2D tools are very powerful as well as the fact it's very easy and quick to work with.

The artwork was very simple shapes, so I used to draw some shapes with transparent backgrounds.

For sound effects I used bfxr, I made more sound effects for scaling and jumping however I forgot to add them in. The background music was made by something which I have forgotten the name of 😛 (I sall search around and update this when I remember the name), but it was very easy to use!

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