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Hackindr is essentially tinder for hackathon ideas

Who, what when where why?

Hackindr was made by me, Emily Peregrine, and Charles Thomas

It was made during Hack the Holidays, a christmas themed hackathon in December 2015.

The idea came to be because we were struggling to think of an idea for out hack. We searched for some ideas and therefore inspiring Hackindr.

How does it work?

The app allows you to collect a list of ideas, and say whether you like or dislike the given idea, submit new ideas and view the most popular ideas.

It has a back end REST API written in python using flask. Using a rest api made it very simple to make new clients

There are 2 clients currently available:

The web app is viewable here: http://hackindr.herokuapp.com/

Copyright Emily Peregrine © 2015
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