Welcome to my humble blog, where I shall talk about I do not know what, probably tech related things…

In this post however I think I shall talk about the tech behind the posts.

By posts I mean projects and blogs, they are most the same however projects have the feature of adding a source url and soon a release url.

Posts are formatted using Markdown, a popular markup language for the web. I chose to use markdown because I like the way it works, and I know of a few libraries to work with it (however I ended using different ones anyway). I used the npm module markdown-it for post rendering, this is done server side.

Markdown lets me format quotes

function whatElseMdCanDo () {
	console.log("It can also format code blocks");
	//Which are syntax highlighted using highlight.js


I can also post images:

My Profile Image

I can also do horizontal rules


  1. It
  2. Can
  3. Number them
  4. Too

You can add headers

Of Any size

1, 2, 3

or 4

or 5
or even 6

By now you’ve probably guessed you can do bold italic and both and even strikethrough.

Or tables

Left Column Centre Column Right Column
Cell Cell cell

Here’s the best bit


Inline math $3 = \sqrt{(3^3)(1.2+((0.42) - (\frac{50}{100}) + 1)}$

Or normal math

$$\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}$$

Don’t worry, I saved the best till last:


😃 ❤️ 😛 💩🎂

Curtesy of twemoji

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